Are you looking to better yourself inside and out? We're here to help you with exercise, nutrition, and overall wellness. Each of our coaches specialize in certain areas to help you meet your specific needs. Check them out and see who may be a right fit for you!


the coaches

Brianne Blaszak

Running Coach

As a person who grew up minutes from Letchworth State Park, Brianne fell in love with the park and year long outdoor activities. It is due to this love of the outdoors and rural Wyoming County that Brianne decided that this area not only needed Endlessly Outdoors Company but that it deserved…

Allison Kelly

Health & Wellness Coach

Michael J. Smith

USAT Certified Coach - Level 1

PHILOSOPHY Consistency builds Confidence – Particularly with newcomers to the sport, triathlons are as much mental as physical.  Having a consistent training regimen with coaching interaction instills confidence in any athlete, no matter what size, shape, age, or gender they might be. Focus on the Fundamentals – Proper technique is critical not…

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