Thousand Islands

The past several years, on the weekend after Labor Day, Westcott State Beach Park has been home to the Incredoubleman. The Incredoubleman was the one race weekend where you had the opportunity to do a half iron distance race on Saturday and then again on Sunday. Ask any one who has completed this feat, and they will assuredly all agree that back-to-back half irons is a tougher feat than a single full iron. You have to muster the will to wake up and move your tired body.

This week is the longest of all the races on our New York State Multisport Road Trip (or NYS MRT as we like to call it for short), but there are no loops here (except for the swim). This is a point-to-point-to-point. Two transitions might sound terrifying, but we are here to assure you that there are worse things than twice the sunscreen, lube, and baby wipes.

Watertown, the closest city for those of you staying in a hotel, has many firsts to its claim. The first Five and Dime store. The home of Little Trees Air Fresheners. The invention of the safety pin, you used a lot of those before you learned about race belts.

Sackets Harbor played a key role in the War of 1812. It was home to a major shipyard for the US Navy and the location of two battles. The US Navy headquarters for the Great Lakes was in the village. The Sackets Harbor Village Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

Alexandria is rather sleepy during the winter, but come late spring, summer, and early fall, an influx of vacationers and boaters. Boat tours of the bay and river are available daily. If we weren’t busy racing all over the state, on August 10th you could partake in the “Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days”. It’s a town-wide festival that features professional performers acting out the siege of the town by the Pirate of the Thousand Islands, Bill Johnston.


LEG 1: ACTIVITY (choose one)

Body of Water – Lake Ontario
Start/End Point – Wescott Beach State Park


2200 yards


3800 meters


3.6 miles


Don’t be confused by Philadelphia on the map, we are still in New York State. This is a point-to-point from Westcott State Beach Park through Sackets Harbor and up to Alexandria Bay.

Distance 36.9 miles     Elevation 1154 feet

Strava Route


So many parks! Finish by running from Alexandria Bay, across the channel to Wellesley Island State Park and finish at Thousand Island Park.

Distance 8.89 miles     Elevation 310 feet

Strava Route



Antique Boat Museum


The largest collection of antique and classic boats in North America. Their mission: “To collect, preserve, study and interpret objects related to the fresh water nautical history of small craft of North America, with emphasis on the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding area.”


Boldt Castle


Multi-millionaire George C. Boldt planned on presenting this castle, on Valentine’s Day, as a testimony of his love for his wife Louise, but she unfortunately passed that January. Work on the castle ceased immediately, and the castle was left to the forces of nature for 73 years. In 1977, The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired the property and restored the 120-room mansion. 


Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site


The center of American naval and military activity for the upper St. Lawrence during the War of 1812. Learn more through the exhibits, outdoor signs, guided and self-guided tours. There is also a restored 1850s Naval Yard and Commandant’s House.


1000 Islands Tower


Climb the spiral staircase up 400 feet and take in the panoramic views of the Thousand Islands in both the U.S. and Canada. No passport necessary.


Zoo New York


The second most visited attraction in the Thousand Islands area. This zoo only exhibits species that are native or once were native to New York State.

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